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Wuxi Hai Roll Fone Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.
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Wuxi Hai Roll Fone Science & Technology Co.,Ltd. is a China-based roll forming machine manufacturer and supplier. We are dedicated to the design, development, manufacture and supply of our C,Z purlin forming machine, roofing tile forming machine, downspout pipe forming machine, rack roll forming machine, and slitting line products.

We are located in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, a highly populated region close to Shanghai International Airports. Our location offers abundant supplies and labor, in addition to convenient transportation by sea, land and air, thus saving transportation costs for our clients and employees. Since our inception, we have consistently devoted ourselves to using innovative technology and staff training. We use German Copra software, which is specialized for the design our cold roll forming machines. Through our constant efforts, we have vastly improved product quality and have established long-term relationships with customers from the United States, Israel, Britain , Spain, Zambia, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, India , U.A.E , Honduras, Grenada , Nigeria, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mexico and other countries.

In addition to our quality rolling forming machine, slitting line, and cut to length line, we also offer exceptional customer service. We have a professional customer service which will address your needs within 24 hours. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Main Products
    1. C Purlin Forming MachineThe C purlin forming machine can produce purlins from 100mm to 400mm width. The maximum thickness of the purlins can be formed at 4.0-6.0mm.
      With the driving system using the gimbal, the C purlin forming machine has much stronger driving power and is more stable when ...
    1. Z Purlin Forming Machine The Z purlin forming machine can produce purlins from 100mm to 400mm width. The thickness can usually be formed at 1.5-3.0 mm and the lip angle can be at 45 or 90 degrees.
      According to your requirements, the driving system of the Z purlin forming machine ...
    1. Corrugated Panel Roll Forming Machine The corrugated panel roll forming machine can produce corrugated sheets with any kind of thickness.
      There are different kinds of machine structures such as torri stands, thick walls and cast iron.
      The speed of the corrugated tile roll forming ...
    1. Highway Guardrail Roll Forming MachineThe guard rail roll forming machine can be designed as two or three wave profiles in one machine, you just need to add some stations at the end of the machine.
      The guard rail roll forming machine can use the universal joint driving system.
      The max thickness ...
    1. Metal Deck Roll Forming MachineThe metal deck produced by the roll forming machine has high strength with big wave length, thus saving steel mold plate and reducing the weight of the storey.
      The metal deck roll forming machine can make many 153mm height profile drawings...