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C/Z Purlin Quick Forming Machine

C/Z Purlin Quick Forming Machine

1. The C and Z purlin quick interchangeable forming machine uses a special structure.
2. The rollers for C and Z formers can be changed very quickly without dismantling any parts. One machine can produce all specifications of C and Z purlins.
3. Crimples are optional to increase rigidity of the purlins.
4. The width of the purlins can be automatically adjusted by PLC control system. If you need a more economical method, you can use the handle wheel.
5. The cutting unit of the C and Z purlin quick forming machine uses pre cut.

The products of the C and Z purlin quick forming machine have excellent anti bending property and are easy to install. They are widely used as the supporters of the roofing and wall construction in factories, warehouses garages, exhibition centers, cinemas, gardens, etc.

Flow Chart

1. Uncoiler
2. Material inlet
3. Leveling equipment
4. Punching device
5. Cutting apparatus
6. Guiding device
7. Roll forming machine
8. Product run out table
9. C&Z Purlin Quick Forming Machine

Technical Specifications

Model 75-300
Number of Stations 20 stations
Thickness 1.5-3.0mm
Main Power 15Kw
Dimensions 11m*1.8m*1.8m
Forming Speed 15-20m/min
After Forming 75-300mm
Dimension Chart

The C and Z purlin forming machine consists of a passive or hydraulic uncoiler, roll forming machine unit, hydraulic automatic cutting unit, PLC automatic control cabinet and product run out table.


Model YD-C/Z
Decoiler Material # 45 Steel Material
Roll Forming Material #45 Steel base / 40CR Steel HRC 48-52 Roller
Cutting Material Cr12 Quenched 58-62
Punching Material Cr12 Quenched 58-62 or Cr15 Bearing Steel
PLC PLC Panasonic →Touch screen Made in Taiwan.→ Transducer Yaskawa →Encoder Omron
Bearing National Brand

Equipment Maintenance
Meticulous daily maintenance plays an important part in extending the C and Z purlin forming machine's operation time and the quality of the rolling plank. The following steps should be part of the machine's daily production and usage routine.
1. Regularly lubricate the outside parts of the C and Z purlin forming machine, i.e., driving chain, etc.
2. Regularly wipe the surface of roller, particularly when working outside. If you do not use the machine a long time of time, you should daub lube in the roller surface. Make sure you clean it the next time you use the machine.
3. If the C and Z purlin forming machine is not used for a long period of time, make sure you cover it with plastic or cloth. Avoid getting rain on the machine or the machine becoming damp, especially the electric control box.
4. Make sure the cutting system is lubricated when necessary.
5. Check the hydraulic station often and the oil quantity of the deceleration machines. Add more oil if the oil level is low.
6. Check the electric appliances box and every leads conjunction circumstance of the C and Z purlin forming machine. Dust the machine often.

The C and Z purlin forming machine is wrapped and covered with film making the package seaworthy. The legs of the machine are fixed with angle steel and heavy screws.

Machine Details
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